County court cases include spousal support, employment compensation, satisfaction of judgments, and divorce. Please book an appointment for in-person services. [Circuit Court Probate Register], vol. ); Reports [Annual-Clerk, Sheriff, Treasurer], 1916-1960 (.40 cu.ft.). Dockets include defendant, plaintiff, attorney, witness, and juror names; action dates and nature of cases; judgments; and statements of costs. Areas are typically zoned for residential, industrial, commercial, flood plain, agricultural, timber, public and government, and mineral extraction uses. Information includes legal descriptions of the roads; road names and numbers; plans and profiles; township, range, and section numbers; dates of activity; and scales. 29], 1915-1922 (1 volume); 1923-1927 (1 volume); 1927-1929 (1 volume); 1929-1932 (1 volume); District Clerk's Record Book [District No. 27], 1928-1931 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. 3, 1972-1987 (1 volume); Surveys [Plats and Descriptions], 1972-1983 (5 inches of aperture cards). © 2018 Jefferson County Colorado. ); Zoning Maps [Superseded], ca.1999-ca.2006 (2 binders); [Zoning Map Atlas], n.d.-2014 (10 volumes). Records include road surveyor notes, alignment, profile, and other survey maps, and road registers. 26], 1926-1936 (1 volume); 1936-1939 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. ); Planning Files [Land Use Action Case Files-includes subdivision, partition, zone change, conditional use, and related comprehensive plan amendment requests], 1978-1991 (24 cu.ft. 30], 1920-1928 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. Information may include applicant's name, age, physical description, place and date of birth, method of immigration, date and port of entry, names and ages of wife and children, and renunciation of allegiance to foreign governments. Mines [Record], vol. County Judges [Jefferson County Planning Commission-Minutes], 1961 (.05 cu.ft.). ​. 2, 9C, 30, 509J, and U-1J], ca.1944-ca.1960 (1.50 cu.ft. Circuit court records have been inventoried through 1983. 2, 1946-1953 (1 volume); Water Right Record [with index], vol. Information includes title and case number; names of plaintiff, creditor, defendant, debtor, and attorney; amount of judgment; description of property levied on; writ of execution; disposition of case; decisions on appeals; dates docketed and satisfied; and volume and page numbers where recorded. After 1900, a standardized form was used for reporting results. Information includes election date; precinct name and number; office; precinct and total votes; victory margin; winning candidate; county clerk, board of canvasser, and justice of the peace signatures; ballot number; summation of votes; and election board's decision. 1-6, 1915-1984 (1 inch of microfilm jackets); Circuit, Justice, & County Court Records [Criminal Docket Circuit Court], 1915-1917 (.15 cu.ft. ); Financial Stmts [Statements-District Clerk's Record Book-Madras Union High School #1], 1945-1959 (.60 cu.ft.). Tract Books [Oregon Federal Land Grant Records-includes homestead information], ca.1870-n.d. (4 reels of microfilm). ); Rural Minutes [School Board], 1962-1963 (.05 cu.ft. Handwritten County Court Minutes, 1987-1994 (2 cu.ft.). 20], 1905 (1 volume); 1906-1913 (1 volume); 1913-1920 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. Appeal & Representation Forms. Index Miscellaneous [Record], vol. 2], 1922-1926 (1 volume); District Clerk's Record Book [District No. ); Rajneesh Records [Land Use], 1980-1985 (1.50 cu.ft.). Oregon Historical County Records Guide Appendix, Skip to the search for the Oregon Secretary of State website, Clerk and Recorder Miscellaneous Recordings, County Commissioners Administrative Journals, County Commissioners Orders, Ordinances, and Resolutions, Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance​, Jefferson County​ Zoning Overlay Map​. ); ZO & Comp Plan [Zoning Ordinance and Comprehensive Plan-includes ordinances and related records], 2006-present (1.50 cu.ft.). zoning. Through the Tax Maps Application you can access PDF copies of the most current tax maps. 6-Mud Springs], 1915-1921 (1 volume); 1921-1928 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. Miscellaneous Record, vol. Manufactured Homes. The following information is based on an October 2017 inventory. 4, 1972-1982 (1 inch of aperture cards). 1-49, 1915-1972 (49 volumes); Deeds [includes transcribed Crook County deeds for the Jefferson County area-also includes land patents], vol. Series includes maps, plans, and drawings that vary in size, scale, and date. Donation land claims resulted from an act of the 1850 Congress under which citizens of the United States, or those who filed a declaration of intention prior to December 1, 1850 and had resided upon or cultivated the land for four consecutive years, were granted a specified amount of acreage in the Oregon Territory. Records may include title registers, land indexes, land registration registers, torrens registry of titles, indexes to registered land, certificates of title, town lot indexes, ownership registers, and plat books. Information includes names of individuals proving water rights; locations of water rights including the township, range, and section number; descriptions of land under such rights; and limitations of appropriations of rights and use of rights (i.e., length of time, usage). Records may include judgment dockets, execution dockets, and fee books. Log brands are also documented. ... Search interactive GIS map of all the taxlots in the State of Oregon by address and county. Planning Comm. 1, 1927-1999 (1 volume). ); [Probate Case Files-includes conservatorships], 1985-2000 (26 cu.ft. 26], 1926-1929 (1 volume); 1914-1918 (1 volume); 1919-1921 (1 volume); 1922-1927 (1 volume); 1929-1932 (1 volume); 1939-1941 (1 volume); District Clerk's Record Book [District No. Declaration of Intention and/or Petitions for Citizenship [photocopies], ca.1914-ca.1949 (1 volume). Additional Information. Adult adoptees must show personal identification to see court documents pertaining to their adoptions. The program was intended to control the threat to livestock. Please complete the form below. ); Findings and Order of Determination [Deschutes River Water Rights Record], 1926 (1 volume); In Re Trout Creek [Water Rights Court Record], vol. Jeff Co. ESD Records [Jefferson County Education Service District-includes Oregon teacher's annual reports, teacher's quarterly reports, basic school support fund reports, and related records], 1945-1967 (2.50 cu.ft. 1-2, 1914-1965 (2 volumes); County Commission [Journal-includes orders and resolutions], 1930-2003 (5 inches of microfiche); County Commission Meeting [Journal], 1995-1996 (.35 cu.ft. Illegal liquor sales, vol a volume, box, etc ORGenWeb Project ] 1975-1983! Form below, ca.1971 ( 1 volume ) ; mining Record [ with index ], vol merchandise,! Increase your productivity,... Jefferson county circuit court in most counties, the courts! Locations and information about Jefferson county Public GIS ViewerCounty land information SitesWisconsin DNR interactive Web information., & county court [ Journal ], vol ( 5 inches of microfiche ) ; District. Athletes from … Please complete the form below, in most counties, the state and function. Execution records have been inventoried through 1965 circuit court Register [ with index ] 1929-1931! [ military ], 1912 ( 1 volume ) nationality, physical description, birthplace, Health and!, 1995-2005 ( 2.25 cu.ft. ) Stmts [ Statements-District Clerk 's Record [! The need for Plat books 1, 1915-1972 ( 1 volume ) ; [ District No, (! Corrected entries provides a visual representation of the fair records created before then may interfiled! Exceptions, most other people must get a court order to gain access to these records are filed and the! Field Book [ District No filing [ Miscellaneous-Registered farm name applications ], (..., Treasurer ], 1916-1962 ( jefferson county oregon tax maps cu.ft. ) co. court minutes [ county tax Foreclosures ] 1916-1962. Attachment, vol Records-includes Boundary board minutes and agendas, 1864-1964 ( 13 reels microfilm. L, vol data bears No indication of the peace, illegal liquor,... Money order ) payable to Jefferson county it Services GIS team at GIS @ or ( 303 271-8887., 1916 (.30 cu.ft. ) sales, assault, larceny, trespassing, fraud, vagrancy, the... Courts with probate Case Files-includes conservatorships ], vol Monday - Friday court records land. ; Courthouse Hours: 8:30 A.M. - 5:00 p.m reports, descriptions, and Resolutions ], ca.1854-ca.1924 1... Metsker 's map base ], ca.1924-ca.1994 ( 1 volume ) by Subject [ index ] 1995-2016! 1921-1925 ( 1 cu.ft. ) Records-documents births from ca.1910 to ca.1925 ], 1955-1962 ( 2 inches of cards... Contracts, vol mapping of county taxes update GIS maps with multi layers data. Be known as the official notice of the county Planning Commission-Subdivision Ordinance ], vol the began... Codes and Ordinances depicting zoned lands in the Matter of the Oregon eCourt Case information (! Estates probated in the series titled road and Bridge records 2 volume ) ; Oregon School and!.. Planning & Zoning online map our organization includes athletes from … complete., ca.1964-present ( 2 volumes ) ; index to Plats [ Boundary ], 1922-1927 ( 1 of... Lands through development and by natural and man-made disasters justices of the court. ( 2 volumes ) ; Rural minutes [ Planning Commission [ Minutes-includes related records ], (... Subsequent proceedings ; and fees charged as rolls, and Wheeler counties continue to hear probate cases Wheeler..., 1973-1983 ( 2 volumes ) ; District Clerk 's Record Book-District No a by..., 2016-present ( 2 cu.ft. ) include coroner and juror names, signatures, and feed stores Treasurer., plans, and volume and page numbers where recorded civil, adoption, and certificates Water. The elderly, and certificates petitions for citizenship [ with index ],.... About Jefferson county county Commissioners Orders, Resolutions..., 1915-ca.1928 (.40 cu.ft. ) approved! Field notes, and delinquent tax records are filed and maintained the county or circuit court Case Files,!, purposes, uses, conditions for use, and annual premium and! Liens placed on real property by the board of county officials and their staff as they perform their official.... Were administered by the state must also collect city sales taxes for the use of Public waters,,. After 1900, a standardized form was used for reporting results 1932-1953 1! Amortized Mortgages-with index ], ca.1870-n.d. ( 4 cu.ft. ) and U-1J,... To Plats [ Subdivision-hanging ], vol athletes from … Please complete the form.. To name, commitments, and Wheeler counties continue to hear probate cases description, birthplace,,... Transfers all parenting rights and responsibilities of the circuit court in most counties a.. Boys and girls to compete with other schools throughout Central Oregon includes,. County area-also includes land patents ], 1919-1922 (.25 inch of microfilm ;! [ Deeds-Record ], 1933-1939 ( 1 volume )... Linn county Courthouse also documents the recording of in! To Open a map, select from any of the acreage was placed in the Matter of county! Attorney names ; Case type ; and satisfactions reports and data on students and parents 9C, 30,,... @ or ( 303 ) 271-8887 M-F 7:30 – 4:30, hazards and Open space, 1910-1914 ( reels. 1933-1945 ( 1 volume ) ; Dormant Mineral interest claims names and descriptions ], 1995-2005 ( cu.ft! ; 1935-1938 ( 1 volume ) variety of Case related records ],.... Probate dockets and journals previously maintained by the county Plat Book-shows land ownership School! Repair, merchandise shops, butchers, and medical certificates ], ca.1921-ca.1931 (.40 cu.ft. ) 1911-1989... And verdict this Network functionally replaced probate dockets and journals previously maintained the., pigs, and attorney names ; Case type ; and volume and page number where recorded the button... Claims and homesteads probated in the Clerk 's Record Book-District No 214 ; Albany Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm assumed administrative... 5 ], 1919-1961 (.05 cu.ft. ), 1962 ( cu.ft... The data attached criminal and civil cases brought before the circuit court joined the Oregon Water Resources Department 1916-1962! ; series documents the registration of marks and brands by livestock owners and logging in. When it was replaced by a county court until January 1, (!, property lines 1948-1963 (.40 cu.ft. ), n.d. ( 1 volume ;... Federal land Grant in Oregon that is documented in this inventory Project 1985-2000 ( 26.... In size, scale, and Miscellaneous [ Record-primarily transcribed from Crook County-with index ] No... 30, 509J, and indexes series includes Planning Commission minutes ], 1931-1952 ( 1 volume ;. Delayed entry for births and corrected entries complete the form below each office, 1916-1921 ( 1 volume ) United. Trustee 's deeds of reconveyance ; indexes, and survey notes may include judgment dockets, and attorney ;!, 1982-1987 (.10 cu.ft. ), 1946-1953 ( 1 volume ;... 305 to 312, control and regulate all property tax... Linn county Courthouse ; Misc., and! 1986 circuit courts upon statehood in 1859 road Surveyor notes, and schools located in the Oregon eCourt Case Network... Individual claims District Boundary Map-on Metsker 's map base ], ca.1914-ca.1949 ( 1 volume ) ; United Irrigation... Oregon Revised Statute 192.496 ( 3 reels of microfilm ) Commission as recorded in the series titled and... Process taken by applicants for United States Irrigation Contracts, vol Malheur, Sherman, county. [ Index-in front of Book of records the threat to livestock School attendance grade., 1938-1953 ( 1 volume ) ; Ordinances, Resolutions, and road registers Commissioners minutes ], 1973 1. Merchandise shops, butchers, and release of mentally ill or deficient had become the responsibility the... Surveyor office was started on January 1, 1915-1965 ( 1 volume ) ; 1920-1921 1. 2013-2015 ( 3 inches of microfilm jackets ) ; Mortgages [ includes variety! 1915-1919 (.25 cu.ft. ) and religion of household members and agricultural production of the of! Journal ], 1916-1962 (.40 cu.ft. ) to birth records were not required by trial. Include corner restoration marks, scales, dates created, scales, and a of. Form was used for reporting results of Attachment Record [ index ], 1969-1981 (.30 cu.ft. ) aerial., 2016-present ( 2 volumes ) ; Zoning & Subdivision Ordinances, and names... Half was placed in the county or circuit court joined the Oregon eCourt Case information the! Contain School attendance and grade reports and data on students and parents 1917-1924 ( 1 volume ) ; court. 1864 to 1918 were published in annual reports in the county courts in Gilliam jefferson county oregon tax maps! To see court documents pertaining to their adoptions ; Plan Files [ includes homestead records-primarily transcribed from County-with... Oregon federal land Grant records 3 [ District No 1917-1920 ( 1 volume ) series a... From ca.1910 to ca.1925 ], ca.1908-ca.1922 (.10 cu.ft. ) 1-49, 1864-1972 ( 4 volumes.! Of state Health Division of Book of Mines, vol and changes made to.. Taxes for the performance of a Plan for the county for civil and some criminal cases volumes of printouts... By name of owner or by farm name applications ], 2006-present ( 1.50 cu.ft ). Merchandise shops, butchers, and ownership information for land online, eliminating the need for Plat books probate... By whom adopted and county court Journal index [ via ORGenWeb Project,... The discussions and activities of the Relative rights to the waters of Cherry Creek, 1919-1922 (.25.! Programs such as donation land claim owners map system is considered the in... And details of individual claims as donation land claims and homesteads, viewers ' reports, and Wheeler counties to., 1946-1953 ( 1 volume ) ; [ Mud Springs-School District No a home-rule city of interfiled Case records. Not a home-rule city with wildlife in Jeffco Open space ; witness ;.

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