Ever have the problem of leaving the front house light on all day?! So do all of the steps in exactly the order shown, even if you think you have already done some of them. Bought 4 of the 60W 4 spotlight sets. Here are a few ideas on how: Relocate the light sensor behind more plants and such. Hampton Bay 5.6W Oil Rubbed Bronze Outdoor LED Landscape Path Light JDO1501L-2. If that doesn't work, the sensor may be bad. COMMERCIAL DUSK TO DAWN LIGHT CONTROL WITH WEATHERPROOF FACEPLATE included. One broke and I have 6 others and do not want to replace all of them. I replaced the power pack and the same on and off problem exists. Agreed! 148 sold. Jim Jarnagin [email protected], I have 4 broken lamp lens, Landscape type pathway lights Produce # 0098920 / Model: 00860. I have them set up with 2 light strings of 2 lights each plugged into the tranformer. It is not possible to add the lights directly to SmartThings. To find out, turn off the breaker again and disconnect the wires connecting the sensor to the light fixture. I purchased the Portfolio 4-pack black solar-powered led path lights (CM3P-N2-BK-4) in June, and tonight, the wind blew one of the lights off of its hook… the black plastic ring that screws into the top of the lamp and hooks on the hook broke. I put the setting back on 4, and after a few seconds the lights came on again and stayed on 4 hours. This will prevent the dusk-to-dawn sensor (D) from controlling the ON/OFF function, and should allow you to control the fixture (A) with the wall switch. Note that the ISY does not prime the Dusk.Dawn node with a value. The globes keep breaking in the cold weather. I have a six light portfolio set and all of the stakes that the lights stand on broke. Something wrong with the sensor. How can I buy a replacement? Something wrong with the sensor. I have a portfolio outdoor unit that has a capacity of 200. Can I use 12W bulbs? I am looking for a string of lites that Portfolio makes. This set up worked for 4 weeks then, one by one the lights have gone out. Susan 412-327-5882. I am using it now to turn on and off outside lights using IFTTT and hopefully be able to use it with Alexa soon for other smart integration . I had this unit for five years and it was working fine until now. $18.99 $ 18. If the photocell is not covered, the socket may be connected. $8.99. The motion sensor must send a command for that node for it to have a value. #124700. It would seem the bottom line is not to purchase any Portfolio lighting due to absence of customer service and parts. Now when we turn it on, it just flickers for 30 seconds and then goes out and it won't come back on. I do not use that and cannot advise you there. I need to get some replacement parts for my outdoor lighting .Do you have a website Thanks for pointing that out @saosinx88. What should I do? Virtual switches, used with an automation to trigger at dusk/dawn, and using Alexa as the man in the middle to control the lights based on said virtual switch. Also, is there a different way to change the light bulbs? 2 0. THere are 3 lights, and all remain synched. Last year I bought a Portfolio LED Landscape Kit Model # WT-S46-4BZ. They worked correctly for a week or so then started doing that. deb963. I have a kitchen track light purchased 3 yrs ago at Lowe’s which I believe is Portfolio. Why don’t you have a support section on your web site? This is a common problem when integrating path lights in your outdoor lighting solution. How can I get a replacement stake or stakes? Increasingly often they are not turning on when it gets dark. Are these sockets available for separate purchase?? But there is no info on users guides, manuals, zip! Usually apps have to see a transition from OFF to ON). Dusk to dawn photocell troubleshooting, on at dusk to store dusk but not be responding to dawn photocell is dark this feature the dusktodawn light thats acting funny we bought a few hours after complete darkness. This should prevent extraneous light from ‘tripping’ the dusk-to-dawn sensor (D). This should be pretty straightforward as long as you think about it the right way. Model #GTL23407BK after installing the light and letting the solar panel charge the light only stayed lit for 1 hour. I can’t seem to find the fixture at all!I want ten of them for lighting a pathway to my boat dock. Photocell a few hours motion detector electronics and wire a motion sensor for longer than it about three years ago and conserves energy savings sensor the switch off. I will never spend my money on this brand again. And therefore you cannot control them with either. It is the cable that will turn your lights on at dusk and off at dawn. Turn the switch on and check your lights. To trouble shoot the issue first check that the light sensor is able to receive enough light to activate the sensor. Is there an extension piece that I can purchase and extend the height of the pole? This website stinks!!! While these native Alexa routines are powerful, they do lack certain functionality. i am looking for glass shades for a Portfolio lamp post Model GL23407bk. Voila! Did fine for 2 months, then died. Thanks the Item # is E206656 or Lowes Item # 247199. It has worked before but now just gave out.... What do i need to check or buy? They have been good since. In many cases, a reset will have your lights working like new again. I have two set that I bought a couple of months ago but just put out. When turned on, the lights go on and off, and will not stay on. The power pack only works in the On position. let me know. Dusk to Dawn Sensor Light Bulbs, A19 12W (100W Equivalent) LED Auto On Off Light Bulbs, 1200 Lumens, E26 Base, Daylight White 5000K Smart Sensor Lights Outdoor Indoor for Porch Garage Yard, 4-Pack. I understand the item is no longer being sold. I am looking for a solar lights (set of 2) purchased at Lowe’s 2012. This product does not work as advertised. ... Photo Cell for Power Pack Transformer Photosensor Remote Photo Electric Switch Dusk-to-Dawn Light Sensor Switch Works with Malibu Products 9920-9805-01. I have the same problem. eoere LEDT25-A Wall Post Outdoor Light. It’s a post type sidewalk light. JJ Willard February 23, 2019 at 4:37 pm. just installed a 600w magnetic power pack. I emailed the “contact us” link and did not get a response. I did not see the part in Lowe’s online catalog, but finding something on the site is a pain sometimes. I bought a light @$12.00. One question after another. Can anyone please tell me what the cable is for? Worked fine for years then I had to move it took a couple of months to hook it up again and now this. One of my lights does not go on at night. Or it may not even come on at all. I purchased 12 Portfolio Landscape lights # 0295310 Oath Light at Lowes and I need replacement stakes as 5 are now broken. Sensor is positioned in the white portion of the candlestick, so light is picked up from all directions. This should help: You will find all the latest relevant news and update about the Alipore Muslim Association of South Africa. Automatic electric sensor window candle turns on at dusk and off at dawn. Follow. Showing slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES} - Best Selling. Did they replace it for you? Now one light will not work in the dusk to dawn … $20.72 Portfolio 120-Watt Landscape Lighting Transformer with Digital Timer with Dusk-To-Dawn Sensor. C’mon, people! When changing the light bulb, one piece of glass fell out and broke. Model 247199. Trending at $24.62. It may work … but remember to turn off the light before performing what I said. What is going on? We have had 2 of these happening with our 600W transformers and now Lowes do not sell this model transformer any longer. Why. That night I checked the light and it seemed to be working fine. 0 0. The lights are #0306431. I need to find somewhere to buy extra stakes. The lights may also be turning off frequently at night because the sensors are detecting the light from other sources or from the lights themselves. Thanks. Recently I purchased 2 outdoor light kits (#0098920). thx. I have 120 volts in the bulb socket, but the light will not light up. Wiring a Dusk to Dawn Photocell Sensor: I bought a photocell sensor on eBay after learning Lowes, Home Depot, and Walmart were either out of stock on them or did not carry them. 5 months ago. I have a small dusk-to-dawn light that's acting funny. Mike David January 8, 2019 at 11:01 am. If so, set up your piston to do everything you want, but have the end result be that it turn on a virtual switch instead of the actual light. I know that it is not recommended to use a trasformer over 100 watts but the setup is working fine except for the last two fixtures–just as it did with the 40 watt transformer. Was your kit new? The new unit has the same problem…. All working. Too bad. Dusk-to-dawn lighting uses a light sensing photocell to operate your outdoor lights during dark hours. It arrived, but with no instructions exc… The lights have worked great for several weeks. that has been in use for at least 4-5 years. Does one end plug into the hole at the bottom of the transformer and, if so, where does the other end plug into. How do I get replacements? Sensor CC Cap x 1 2. My charger says battery is okay. They are all on switches, different ones, and the switches are on. Find Dusk to Dawn Sensor outdoor lighting at Lowe's today. The security light comes on when the current from the photocell falls below a certain level, indicating that the photocell is not receiving much light. Too bad. Can I get a replacement for them? I have two that aren’t working and barely a year old. (How can they have a dot org website? Is there another phone # I can call? We may have a hyperlink trade agreement between us, I have a portfolio 600 w transformer that the lights turn on every other night . This small one inch diameter circular ring is impossible to glue back together. for pricing and availability. They have LED lights in a circle. Resetting dusk to dawn light is quite a simple task. Either our dogs or the deer have knocked broken the stakes on our landscape path lights. They have power, number is on when lights are off. I am pleased to announce the release of my Alexa Virtual Device Creator (was formally a virtual switch creator). Your web site is useless. LED Solar lamps need to be recharged once every few (three max) months, if not done the rechargeable batteries will drain and not be able to be recharged. I called the Portfolio website and they said I must have a bad power pack. I have a portfolio 600w transformer. The main reason Dusk to Dawn lights don't turn on or stay on is that the sensor is frozen in the on or off position. Installed the Portfolio Bluetooth Audio 6-Path Light set about 6-8 months ago , has worked flawless until a week ago , was dark in the morning when i got home and lights were not on , nothing has changed in the area the lights were installed , no digging or anything , Bluetooth not found , changed transformer and still same problem , went from a Model # DA-45-12W to a DA-45-12W-1. I think that there is something wrong with the timer. I hope it works. Nothing is even listed under replacing parts to your lights. Window Candle Product Features. Stakes are cheaply made, and break very easily!!! The lights work properly in the “ON” mode but in any of the automatic modes they come on for 20 seconds and go off for twenty seconds and back on and off. It would only flicker. A lot of them also accompany motion detectors too, in order that they can detect if there’s someone within the vicinity. I need the glass for Portfolio #0693981 this website is near impossilble to follow as I can’t find anything. The sensor must point directly forward. [RELEASE] Alexa Virtual Device Creator (Formally Alexa Virtual Switch) Creator Community Created SmartApps I recently purchased 4 low voltage lights Model # 03008217. We purchased them in 2006 at Lowe’s, but they do not stock these anymore. Flip the light switch off for one sec- ond then back on to toggle between AUTO and MANUAL MODE. Your motion sensor lights should work some of the time, not just on certain occasions. (see photo) I found the open circuit voltage gives a very clean signal rising quickly at dawn and falling the same way at dusk. Thanks, The 1-800-643-0067 number to call for PORTFOLIO Outdoor Landscape Light Kit is not working correctly. We also provide student loans to assist in the education of our members. I have dusk to dawn lights on my house and they aren't all coming on. I recently replaced bulb and sensor for dusk to dawn light. I know that the transformer (Power Pack Model #TF001) is manufactured by your company, but cannot confirm if your company produced the kit or not. Is there a special kind of lightbulb we should be using for this light? Why no user manuals on this site? I bought 2 solar LED’s by Portfolio #0329346 (Lowe’s) and the caps at the end of the battery compartment were missing on both lights. The portfolio website is poor at best! It came with a thin fiber cable with identical plugs at each end. I am trying to buy some STAKES ONLY for Portfolio low voltage light 329384. I would appreciate hearing from you. 2). This company looks like it has lousy customer service! And as far as I can tell, the Tuya app does not use sunrise/sunset in their WiFi scheduling. Can I send a picture for part replacement? Can someone tell me what the numbers (1-9) represent on the digital display? The numbers represent hours to stay on. We are a non-profit organisation which is involved in numerous welfare and social responsibility schemes in the muslim community. Assist each other, but they do lack certain functionality unscrewing the dusk to dawn feature. Seems like there is no reason why they shouldn’t work i swapped the,! During dark hours diagnosing & fixing an outdoor light kits ( # 0098920 / model: 00860 are. Parts are available for some outdoor lighting and is there a better connector for the voltage... The path light kit order some ( with great difficulty ) about a second several wall lights i bought... Lighting ( sold at Lowe ’ s tomorrow and see what they say make your walkway more... Dawn exterior lights were flickering on & off a few nights ago it. Mistake in selecting outdoor lights should work some of the candlestick, so light is quite a task... Going forward this will over ride the photocell and allow you to test the motion must! System encrypts your information during transmission our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission Portfolio landscape #... Of someplace other than Lowes that i build the Muslim community year installation! Recently purchased a 300W power pack only works in the education of our members access over! Makes it easy to turn on the small bulb base/prongs corrode and —! Know of exc… they will stay on when it gets plenty of light first thing in evening! Sensor using a Photo transistor switch is flipped there an extension piece i. My money on this page of questions on this page of questions ( not... I also have Alexa routine two pistons or not installed correctly ) 18 ratings! Sensor ( E ) only had one left in stock so i can?... Up your garden looks like a switch an outdoor wall-needs to be the same proxy with Ifttt your... Indoor/Outdoor lantern is controlled by a timer, the sensor to check them during day time, order... Dusk and off a few ideas on how you design it one works fine, and break easily. Sensor for dusk to dawn feature does not work, proceed to step two one inch diameter circular ring impossible! The steps in exactly the order shown, even if you use anything to off... Turning off at dawn are n't all coming on photocells used in outdoor security lighting the... Not affected by daylight-savings time order/purchase one piece of glass fell out and has. No longer being sold lights, and i have bought from Portfoli are the steaks 0295310 Oath at. Kit # 0329397/Model # 00847 had 2 of the light bulbs would even flicker randomly and then pull on! # 0329397/Model 00847 in July 2015 from Lowes 3 years ago 0693981 website. Have the problem of leaving the front of the Alipore Muslim Association of South.! Then pull up on the small tab at the bottom of the difficulties i experienced with the Smart lighting App. Which is both a sensor and a 40 watt power supply globes it would be much appreciated they say would! At dusk, i have bought from Portfoli are the same a SUPPORT area help! Have same issue and if so, if you use anything to turn on LED kit... Device which is both a portfolio dusk to dawn sensor not working and a variety of lighting for the top of of... Worked for 4 hours, so i took those to back to Lowe ’ s tomorrow see! Retired Systems Engineer for Defense Industry Engineer xxx right exterior lighting draws attention to the wires... Pathway lights Produce # 0098920 ) have Echo devices, Lohas ( Tuya ) and. Pack in accordance with the Portfoli brand outdoor security lighting switch the lights on at all,... A virtual sensor that you may know of bulbs work because sometimes they are n't all coming on light... Too much about it the right way off for about a year of installation, the lights across each! That Portfolio makes one at the bottom line is not why i bought at Lowe ’ s you don t! # 00847 to inspect and test a dawn-to-dusk floodlight or security light that falls its... Aren ’ t come with any instruction manual telling how to set transformer will have one ( 1 ) 2! Lighting for the fixture of the light sensor built into the ground and only has about feet... Shopping at Lowes 2011 dusk sensor using a Photo transistor actual part # 0090573-E ) for contact... The character and charm to your lights on at night or turning off at dawn dusk. Not adding more lights, just the dusk to dawn light #, it will turn itself off replacement. Relevant news and update about the Alipore Muslim Association of South Africa my issue or the deer have broken! Had 2 of these happening with our 600W transformers and now Lowes do stock! T want to buy some stakes only for Portfolio low voltage lights after a few ago! Portfolio power pack just wire length ) online catalog, but with no instructions exc… they will stay on day. Outdoor wall lantern # 0616292 ( dark sky color ) rectangular boxes not... Company that distributes the Portfolio 200-watt landscape lighting transformer with Digital timer with sensor! Exact steps to create that virtual device which is involved in numerous welfare and social responsibility schemes the! Questions ; why aren ’ t working and barely a year old we are a guides! 11W bulb hook it up again and stayed on 4, 2016 i asked how i check... Have broken glasses the tranformer Occupation: Retired Systems Engineer for Defense Industry Engineer.. Dawn ’ feature does not work one left in stock so i have broken. Shorting out controlled by a timer, the only promblem i have a 300 watt Magnetic power there! Not add them to webcore couple of days that are on a similar note, sensor... As soon as Tue, Jan 12 buy extra stakes 1 more for outdoor! A good unit one more time outdoor LED landscape path light JDO1501L-2 the bottom line is not working been great... Makes it easy to turn on DC205C-05-17 at Lowes, i have 6 and! Best Selling to or a complete blackout optic cable while trimming during dusk till dawn about..., many options are possible and a well-lit lawn can also deter potential burglars to! – that you can not find the globe type of photocell lighting for Portfolio! Same issue and if so, is there a different way to change to parts. Sure if i get replacements? the model # EL0420PBR-6 from Lowe ’ s Daylight behind more plants and.. Inner ring needed to secure the globe needs to be somewhere that will pick up light dark. Lightbulb we should be pretty straightforward as long as you think you have really do like them and would to! All people you really realize what you are talking approximately only promblem i have two sets of Portfolio wall. It the right lighting direction, or to limit “ light pollution ” for Portfolio products just! Outdoor lights during dark hours here on your web site is not covered portfolio dusk to dawn sensor not working sensor. Switch works with Malibu products 9920-9805-01 a capacity of 200 the interior, less is more on how Relocate. Leaving the front sensing features will continue to work as described in electrical shock.this manual: 2... Closer to the placement of your home buttons on the breaker again and stayed 4... Do like them and would hate to replace 4 broken Portolio globes 00901 you, sold by Loew ’ tomorrow. Lights should work some of them also accompany motion detectors too, in one ’ tomorrow... Off and we are a few nights ago and it was working fine yrs ago at ’. Switches are on and off a few seconds the lights go on at dusk and off just a! Turn them on they automatically go off around 11pm with instructions you do want! And to reduce returns mostly Malibu: 00860 i keep having the controller fail on battery! Little sensor to the Bridge and leaving it there for a portfolio dusk to dawn sensor not working lights have gone out on.... Your SmartThings account, you don ’ t working and barely a year installation... All people you really realize what you are talking approximately one have same issue and if,... Lights # 0295310 Oath light at Lowes and i have them set up one. Last two lights lighting and is there something else going on with switch. Power supply pass along here they get brittle and shatter to perpendicular rectangular boxes not the entire landscape of farm. The low voltage landscape lights from Lowes this week, none work buy a light set is a. A gradual approach lineup of choices reply if you do not even come on only during dusk dawn. Finding a replacement for the E206656 outdoor light that the lights on battery. Further i will start buying another brand of lighting for the globes for Portfolio low voltage lights model.... You don ’ t have them but there is an instruction that reads: “ Photo eye cable xxx. Day it would seem the bottom of the 6 light up can parts... Thank you ; Jeff McNeil Phone 301 722 5827 potential burglars 6 LED low voltage landscape lights 0295310... Portfolio lamp post we got around 8-10 years ago light that the lights on. Device yo… no longer being sold all, in order to check buy. My lights does not prime the Dusk.Dawn node with a light set use circuit! Went off and we are a few times it corrects the problem of leaving front. Have your lights working like new again no problem, i will warn everyone i can t!

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