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Family Portrait Photographers Niagara.

Welcome to Baldini and Vandersluys Photographers Niagara Falls Photography

Looking for Family Portraits that show the love and emotion you have for YOUR family?

Wouldn’t it make you smile to walk into a living room, your family room and see your family or children smiling back at you ? Before you know it, they’ll leave for university or a new job and visits will be sparse. That is why we suggest purchasing a wall portrait. 

Anyone can “snap a pic” of your family with their cell phone – but when you want a spectacular portrait on your wall that lasts for generations and tells the story of YOUR family, where everyone looks PERFECT – you need to call us! Our names are Charles and Jacqueline, and we have been creating professional family portraits for over 38 years.

Family Portrait Photographers Niagara. “There’s one HUGE MISTAKE that people make when picking a family portrait photographer! It can make an amazing difference in how your portraits turn out! Call us today at 905 354-8692, and we can chat about avoiding so many mistakes that can RUIN your portraits!” – -Charles and Jacqueline

PPA Family portraits  click here for tips

Family photos are one activity many families dread. What’s meant to be a fun, memorable event can quickly become a stressful, panic-inducing nightmare. Here are some tips from PPA family portrait photographers to help your family take beautiful photos.

Our Iron Clad Guarantee – You must be THRILLED, not just satisfied, or you won’t pay us. No problem, no hassles. Unless you are thrilled, I do not deserve to be paid”  Our family portrait packages start at $300.00. 

– Baldini Vandersluys Photographers, Niagara Falls-since 1994


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