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Photo Restorations Niagara Falls

Photo Restorations Niagara Falls. Photographs are a window into times past. We use photography to capture the most important and most celebrated events in our lives so that we can look back on them fondly as the years go on. Unfortunately, your most prized photos may not stand the test of time. That’s why you need the experienced photographers at Baldini Vandersluys to bring your photographs back to life, making them as beautiful as the day they were taken.

Photo Restoration: Bringing Your Memories Back to Life

At Baldini Vandersluys, we take the same care revitalizing your old photos as we do creating them. Jacqueline Baldini is an artist in the craft of photo restoration with 40 years of experience. When you find those old family photos in the attic that have faded and been water damaged, we can make them good as new. If you have a discoloured photo of a relative that holds a special place in your heart, we can bring new life to the keepsake. Wear and tear over the years shouldn’t mean your memories are erased. As Art Director, all restorations will be personally seen to by Jacqueline so years of experience are on your side!

Your treasured original photographs never leave our studio and are never shipped out to a third party so you’ll stay worry-free throughout the restoration process. Think your old photos are damaged and worn beyond repair? Baldini Vandersluys Photography assures you that nearly any photo repair issue can be fixed. Where amateur photographers may turn you away, we’ll use our years of expertise to take on any challenge.

Each photograph brought to us for restoration is unique and special and is given its own individual evaluation. All of our photograph restoration services include a complimentary quote appointment so you can know where you stand from the start. If your photo is evaluated and found to be incapable of the highest quality of restoration, we’ll be happy to explain why at no cost to you.

Our Photography Restoration Services

No matter the wear or damage done to your original photographs, Baldini Vandersluys can help. We’ve seen it all over the years and there’s no job too small when it comes to photography restoration. Here are a few of the different types of damages we’ve seen and restored to their original beauty!

Niagara Photo Restoration Photographers
Photo Restorations Niagara Falls
Niagara Photo Restoration Photographers
Photo Restorations Niagara Falls

Colour Cast Photos

With time, the photographs we hold near and dear to our hearts can begin to look more like an antique and less of a representation of the day they were taken.

Colour casts are typically the unfortunate result of how photos are stored over many years. They can affect only a portion of a photo or, in the worst cases, the entirety of the photo. Baldini Vandersluys Photography has proven to be the most experienced photographers in the Niagara Falls area many times over by removing these unwanted blemishes.

Damaged Photos

Niagara Photo Restoration Photographers
Photo Restorations Niagara Falls
Niagara Photo Restoration Photographers
Photo Restorations Niagara Falls

Sometimes photographs are subject to wear and tear no matter how much we try to prevent it. Whether due to the damage that occurs naturally over the course of many years or a recent mishap, Baldini Vandersluys can restore your damaged photos to their former glory.

Dirt, scratches, and other damages brought on by the years can be repaired when placed in the hands of an expert like Jacqueline. A little damage doesn’t mean your precious memories are lost forever!

Faded Photos

Fading colours and details are an unfortunate reality when it comes to older photographs. Diminished quality can be frustrating and sometimes a “vintage-feel” is unwanted. As one of the most common forms of photo degradation, Baldini Vandersluys has the restoration of faded photos down to a science.

As always, we’ll have to see your photograph in person to give you a quote but we’re confident you’ll be pleased with both our prices and the final product that we provide.

Call Baldini Vandersluys For Your Photo Restoration Needs

Your fondest memories deserve to be preserved in a photograph of the highest quality. Staining, rips, scratches, water damage, discoloration, fold marks, missing pieces, and pen marks have no place tainting the photographs most important to you.

Entrust Baldini Vandersluys with the task of restoring your photos to their former glory. We’ll offer our unrivaled expertise and professionalism to your project while answering each and every question you have along the way.

Give us a call today to set up your complimentary, no obligation quote today! 905 354-8692