oxygen flowmeter is provided. Trustpilot. Read about company. Thank you for initiating the registration process. Our 50 PSI Preset CGA 870 Regulator comes with a 0-15 LPM Flowmeter and DISS Auxiliary Port. G Auxiliary Outlet Port A male DISS oxygen fitting with check valve that delivers flow when engaged to any controlling device, such as a flowmeter. Please enter appropriate Account ID. The total fresh gas flow (FGF) with electronic flow control valves is set by yet another controller, instead of the standard way of controlling FGF via flow control valves with flowmeters. With the bleed in the ON position, this outlet delivers accurate Gentec 50 LPM Oxygen Flowmeter with Puritan Adapter and Auxiliary Valve. What action do you want to perform? Oxygen Flowmeter FLOWMETER, OXYGEN DBL W/Y ASSMB 0-15LPM. Run the oxygen hose under the manifold and attach it to the oxygen DISS fitting located on the back of the … https://accessanesthesiology.mhmedical.com/content.aspx?bookid=871§ionid=51860169.   •  Privacy Policy Optional 50 PSI Auxiliary Port. Gregory Rose, and J. Thomas McLarney. ©2018 General Electric Company - All Rights Reserved, GE and GE Monogram are trademarks of General Electric Company. But there is more than meets the eye, as we will see. This includes the flowmeters themselves, vaporizers, and one-way valves (to decrease pumping; discussed in the vaporizer Chapter 6) and ends at the common gas outlet (which is the end of the pneumatic part of the machine and the beginning of the ventilator part of the machine). Oxygen Flowmeter: Specifications: With Auxiliary Valves (PTO)-DISS Female, Hex Nut, 15 lpm: UNSPSC Code: 42271707: Oxygen Flowmeter… Services & Tools. gas connections Oxygen flush Five-leg base Flow Auto-Compensation You have a cart already in session. Oxygen Flowmeter Side Inlet Style 0-15 LPM. View detailed Import data, price, monthly trends, major importing countries, major ports of oxygen flowmeter for medical Don't know your approval number? The auxiliary flowmeter is advantageous because the breathing circuit and gas delivery hose remain intact while supplemental oxygen is delivered to a spontaneously breathing patient. Product Item # Sold by Avail List Price List Price Qty; Compact Oxygen Flowmeter, 0-8 LPM, Puritan-Bennett Connector. Oxygen Flowmeter Regulator, M1 Series, Single Stage, 1/2-15 LPM, CGA540 Nut and Nipple Inlet - WESTERN MEDICA. These Single-Stage Flowmeter Oxygen Regulators have a chrome-plated brass body with an all brass high-pressure chamber. The flowmeter is independent and can be operated regardless the … Sorry, your details do not match our records. Here is something that we can actually see in action. In addition, the loss of oxygen pressure results in alarms, audible and visible, at 30 psi pipeline pres… Concentration … Warranty: 5 Years. It is usually mounted on the left side of the machine. Terms of Use Please complete the order processing to add an item to the cart. the O 2resuscitator fitting or an auxiliary oxygen tank using a demand valve, oxy - gen assisted manual resuscitator, or equivalent. The amount of pressure drop caused by a flow restrictor is the basis for … 715-8MFA4008: EA : In Stock: $38.79 We offer a variety of flowmeters to meet any clinical application. You have probably noticed that the control knobs for the three different gases are color coded. Flowmeters. In such instances, a back-up conventional (Thorpe) auxiliary . When bag is returned to arm the flow stops immediately. Most anesthesia machines also have an auxiliary O 2 flowmeter with its own flow control valve, flow indicator, and outlet, providing a maximum flow of 10 L/min. You already have promotional items in your cart ready to checkout. A confirmation email with a registration link will be sent to the account holder’s email address we have on file.