This makes your message highly customized and personal. Melyssa Griffin does this for subscribers that haven’t opted into her webinar classes. This is the amount of text you can see on an average 4-inch smartphone display. That said, it’s something to consider if you project high list growth and need powerful automation capabilities. Check out David Hartshorne’s guide over at to learn the difference between marketing emails and transactional emails. If Pinterest or Facebook decided to close their doors forever, your social media followers would go too. If your business relies on events, you can use your subscriber’s location to send a targeted email of an upcoming event you are hosting in their city. Once they receive that email, they click on the link to confirm subscription – and then they are usually given instructions on how to receive the bonus. For example, when you sign up to Blogging Wizard, you have to confirm: Once you click the confirmation button, you receive the goodies. In fact, it’s a highly effective marketing channel you should be adopting for your marketing strategy. Solves one problem — a pressing problem or challenge your audience struggles with the most. We get it. Let’s look at three ways. Other people sign up to a list to learn tips or hacks from a business. Email Marketing: 101. It ties in beautifully with their fat loss products. “[P]rofessional speakers know their audiences may forget every single point they share within 10 minutes of the end of their presentation, but they remember the stories.”. Email marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business. Melyssa Griffin cuts to the point and asks her soon-to-be subscribers to segment themselves based on interests. You can help your subscribers move to the next course of action — grab your eBook offer, “like” your Facebook page, or listen to your podcast — through a series of email messages. Do you want your subscriber to confirm or not? It’s an effective digital marketing strategy that reaches your customers via their inbox. Using automation provides a better experience for your subscribers, which translates into a lower unsubscribe rate. Ambitious, direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands recognize the importance of email marketing — and why wouldn’t they? And savvy marketers know that when people sign up to their list, it’s the best method of moving them from interested to definitely in the conversion conversation. Elna Cain is a freelance writer who offers ghostwriting, copywriting and blogging services. With your email service provider and lead magnet, you can create a series of automated emails like a welcome series, newsletter, or a promotional campaign. John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs on Fire does a great job of sending out a welcome series, giving his new subscribers tips and strategies to help them with their online business. It also has email broadcast functionality that can be used to send a one-off targeted email or newsletter to a segment – or your entire list – of subscribers. View the latest business news about the world’s top companies, and explore articles on global markets, finance, tech, and the innovations driving us forward. The most important email a brand can send is a welcome email. Unlike some tools, you only pay for each subscriber one time, no matter how many tags they have or lists they are on. Grow Your Email List 04. Email marketing uses your company’s email list to generate new leads and business for your company. However, because of its infancy, advanced power users may find certain areas of ConvertKit limiting – when compared to more featured-filled platforms like ActiveCampaign or Drip. It’s having this marketing automation strategy with segmenting, funnels, or onboarding series that helps nurture subscribers and ultimately converts them to your offerings. Patrick McKenzie recommends you set up a series of six automated emails over 30 days as the best way to nurture your list. A lead magnet is a free offer — an optin bribe — and it’s usually: Your free offer should help your reader save time, money, and/or energy. Excellent! Email marketing 101: How to create a campaign that converts. To really make an impact with your email marketing, ActiveCampaign can help you take your business to the next level in terms of subscriber growth with its advanced marketing automation functionality. Email has been a marketing staple for a long time, and with good reason. Bloggers would think placing an optin form on a blog’s sidebar would scream amateur, but here’s the thing…. So, infuse power words and sensory words to stand out in readers’ inboxes. You can set up a trigger link when you scrub your email list to have only engaged subscribers on your list. From a free lesson to a free course, using a sneak peek as your lead magnet can boost conversions and sales. Saying, “It’s finally here” is vague and unclear. ConvertKit is a newer email service provider that’s geared towards professional bloggers and entrepreneurs. Learn more about us. Note: In 2018, a new law known as the GDPR came into play in Europe that affects anyone that sells to EU citizens. Email Marketing 101. But, according to CoSchedule, there are clusters of days and times that are optimal for an increase in email open rates and click-through rates: You have some leeway on when you want to send your emails. Utilizing email marketing in your marketing campaign can help you grow your business. Now, it’s time to craft an email that people want to open, read and click on through to your website. "Permission-Based E-Mail Marketing That Works!" A quick win — you can achieve success in a short amount of time. Current Status. Focus on one tactic that is a huge pain point for your subscribers. Write Engaging Email Content 05. But, if you don’t have one yet, how do you start? What’s great is that according to Aberdeen, doing this can improve your click-through rates by 14% and conversions by 10%. You need to convert them into customers. The average open rates for emails across different industries is 21%. Analyze and Improve Emails Conclusion 1 2 5 7 15 22 26 29 31 40 However, a double opt-in list is more engaged. You have your incentive. Understanding the ins and outs is an absolute MUST in this industry! James Clear knows this. In this beginner’s guide – email marketing 101 – I’ll show you how to set up your email marketing system and deliver your first email marketing campaign. Time to crack email … The first way is with a strong lead magnet and the second way is knowing where to display your sign-up form. Think of your welcome email as getting to know someone for the first time. Now, it’s time to focus on your audience and deliver a top-notch lead magnet to grow your list. There’s a growing trend of subscribers using mobile devices to open and read emails. Plus, it’s an inexpensive way to gets results. Drip’s original target market was SaaS product owners, but they began to build a following with bloggers, creators, and e-commerce store owners. Your welcome email should also have links to any products you have, social media links you want to promote and, above all, a curiosity loop to nudge your new subscribers to open up your next email. An easy way to add a personal touch to your email is with your subject line. You need to nurture those leads. Kristin of Applecart Lane has got design-challenged bloggers covered with her free Pinterest templates. Whether you have a seasonal discount for your products or are hosting a giveaway, subscribers want to stay in the loop. These work so well because the reader is already interested in the topic. One of the best onboarding email campaigns you can have is a welcome email. If you have a new product or offer, you probably want your subscribers to know about it, right? Now you need to place your sign up form on your site. Typically, this system involves an incentive of some kind. When you compare email marketing campaigns to social media, there’s really no contest: Plus, you own your list — you don’t own your social media followers. Some other ways to make your campaigns easy to read are: Now, that we covered the basics of how to write an email campaign, let’s look at why creating an automated email series is a good option for your business. Here are four excellent email marketing services you can get started using today. For example, in Mailerlite, you use a merge tag in your subject line or in the body of your message to personalize it. Each welcome series is different, but this will give you a blueprint to follow and tweak: A common welcome email series starts with giving the free download to your new subscribers. You have subscribers. You can sell while you sleep and see a potential ROI in the region of 4,200%. Have an... Open lines of communication. In Email Marketing 101: Audience Building and Email Content and this post, we covered each of the fundamentals associated with building an effective email marketing strategy. If you're interested in doing that yourself, then check out her, Capture Email Addresses Using Optin Forms, The 4 Types of Emails to Send to Your Email List, 9 Powerful Email Marketing Services Compared, 20 Best Email Marketing Software, Services & Platforms. For more information on how to incorporate email marketing into your marketing strategy, contact us today at 859-550-3972 or via email at They have the most complete feature sets including tags, segments, and a visual builder. She goes out of her way to tell stories and connect with the thousands of subscribers she has. So, you’ve been collecting email addresses from your customers. For example, you can create a condition that whenever a subscriber clicks on a certain link in one of your emails, they are segmented into a new list for those interested in your eBook. By finding the right email provider and creating a strong lead magnet, the only thing left is optimizing your site for sign ups and deciding whether you want a single or double opt-in. Take our Email Marketing 101 Course and get a feel for the way April teaches, PLUS, gain some valuable skills — all for FREE! And over time this creates trust. Drip also includes powerful tagging capabilities and can respond to events such as when a subscriber clicks a link, subscribes to a webinar, signs up for a trial, and more. What’s even more surprising is, up to 61% of consumers enjoy weekly promotional emails and 28% of them want more. But getting your wanted emails to the inbox is super-important for your business. Email marketing is your ticket to new customers and to building a loyal following. An easy way to create a little buzz around your products is to offer a sneak peek. Email Marketing. A lot of them go straight to your trash folder, like so much junk mail tossed into the recycling bin. For example, a popular segment is by location. Email allows you to warm up your leads, and that can increase sales by 20% over trying to sell to cold leads. If you use email, you probably receive a huge volume of e-newsletters. If you still think storytelling isn’t an effective strategy, The Daily Egg interviewed internet marketer and coach Terry Dean after he made $96,250 in sales from one email. You can ask your subscribers if they want more information, less information, or new information. As a small business owner, you don’t want to be bogged down by having to send out emails by hand. These emails act as a brand builder to nurture subscribers and help them get to know your brand, message, and products. In Chapter 1 of this Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing, we covered how to set up your email campaign. All the info and tasks about email marketing can be complicated and confusing. You now know how to get your email marketing system setup and how to deliver your first email marketing campaign. Now it’s time to put into practice what you’ve learned above so you can grow your email list and get more customers. Personal Training Specialist; Fitness Instructor Specialist For example, email marketing tips for B2B (business-to-business) companies might include asking a compelling question to get a business owner thinking about their customers or their company’s performance. You can use “If, else” logic to branch subscribers off in another direction when they take a certain action, or finish an email mini-course. While you can offer a jam-packed, effective email filled with proven strategies, using a case study can help boost the relevancy and make it clear to your subscribers what they need to focus on to change their situation. You start her course by entering your email address and throughout the six-day course she pitches her services. A content upgrade is similar to a lead magnet, except it is highly specific to a particular post and is found within the content of that post. Email is a powerful tool that will help you share your story and grow your brand. John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs on Fire sends emails that are non-branded, easy to read, and highly engaging. This is a must for list building. It’s true that double opt-in decreases your conversion rate – up to a 30% less conversion rate. The trick to making them work is to have tasteful popups rather than pushy ones. It’s not the sexiest subject when it comes to email. What are you going to do with them? Empower your audience by challenging them. If they are reading a post on 5 Different Ways to Maximize Your Productivity and then see a content upgrade offering a cheatsheet containing an additional 20 ways to increase your productivity – since they are already interested – the person will be more likely to sign up. People don’t buy from strangers. Lastly, email marketing is an effective strategy for converting people into customers. And one other way you can segment your list is by preference. Now that you understand how powerful email is, let’s go ahead and look at how you can start and run your first email marketing campaign. However, if you’re new to email marketing automation, ActiveCampaign has so many features that it can be a bit overwhelming, making the learning curve steeper than some other email service providers. Michael Hyatt sends the free download, but also let’s new subscribers know about his podcast and gives them a sweet 20% discount off his planner as a thank you gift. And you need to turn them into true, dedicated fans. Share this entry. You can make each newsletter optimized for your products by using a call to action (CTA). Personally, when I send emails on Thursdays at 2 pm, I get my highest open rates (and a boost in traffic). When deciding what to say in your email subject line, make sure it reads clearly and isn’t ambiguous. That is essentially what email marketing is all about. Welcome emails usually have the highest open rates — up to 84% — and are the first conversation your subscribers will have with you. An optin form is a place on your website that allows you to capture emails. I share one easy way to get more people to your blog: It’s up to you how many emails you want to automate for a welcome series. An email marketing service (so you can send emails to your leads). To boost your overall open rates, resend your email to those who didn’t open it the first time. It can support extremely in-depth funnels with its intelligent automation features. In short, you need to embrace email marketing. by Tim Grahl. The best use of a worksheet is when you can help your audience go from point A to point B. Mariah Coz created the Course Criteria Worksheet to help her audience figure out the right course idea for them. In this simple, easy-to-digest guide, you’ll learn: When we’re done, you’ll have all the info you need become an email marketing kung-fu master. Content upgrades can be additions to a certain blog post, a summarized version like a checklist or a more comprehensive walkthrough of the blog post topic. The two things you need to get started with email marketing; How to choose the best email marketing service for your needs; What kind of emails you should send to your subscribers; Why (and how) you need to segment your email list; How to automate your emails (with examples); A strong email marketing strategy is up to. And “free” gets you a lot with MailerLite, which features a wide variety of graphical templates and a drag-and-drop email designer. Email marketing is a type of digital marketing strategy where emails are sent to nurture leads and convert them into customers. It’s a free workshop that gives more actionable advice to help new bloggers be successful. Among other features, you can A/B split test your emails to optimize conversions. Should it be automated? And it all starts with your subject line. Expert bloggers have seen huge list gains from using giveaways — Sam of Money Nest tripled his email list in 7 days — but you can also let your subscribers know about your giveaway. Plan an Email Strategy 03. If you have multiple optin offers, you can set up segments based on your subscriber’s actions. They help your audience go from “unaware to who you are” to “very aware” — each email must speak to readers at every point the buyer’s journey. Simply building a list of email leads isn’t enough…. Most people who subscribe to your list want to know more about you and your brand. Email marketing forms a level of familiarity and trust with your subscribers through a series of automated emails, segmenting, tagging, and funnels. With blogging, content marketing, social media marketing and email marketing, how do you know what to focus on? There is no better way to build long-lasting connections with readers, which is the definition of marketing. Mary Jaksch says otherwise. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Flipboard 0. All Rights Reserved. There’s also transactional emails won’t be important for most bloggers, but if you’re selling products or running an ecommerce site, it’s worth learning more about. For example, Mariah Coz of Femtrepreneur often is personal in her emails. And if your readers aren’t bloggers and just regular people — like your aunt searching on Google for a chicken vegetable ramen noodle recipe — most likely they will see your blog with a sidebar optin form and sign up to your offer. Email Marketing 101. There are lots of well-known email marketing services (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, GetResponse, Sendinblue, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft by Keap), but we’re going to focus on only a few. With your About page being one of the most read pages on your site, it’s no wonder that having an optin form is a given. But the truth is, no email marketing platform can promise to prevent messages going to spam entirely. MailerLite (affiliate link) has always been an affordable email service provider and they are one of the few quality providers with a free tier. …but whatever you call it, its mission is simple: Convince readers to provide their email in exchange for the incentive. This makes it hard for your subscriber to read your email and get anything out of it. With ConvertKit’s user-friendly interface, someone new to email marketing may not find it as difficult to use as other email providers. You’ve found your email service provider and lead capture tools. This is what I do for my third email in my welcome series. Your subscribers will know that you aren’t just sending marketing emails, but that you are opening up your business and sharing personal information. With that taken care of, the next thing to focus on is getting people to opt in to your list. We’ve touched on personalization when using email subject lines. You can do that by using the best pop-up placement practices. With email marketing you’re sure to reach them—which means more people through your front door, more calls, and more revenue. What is Email Marketing? Webinars are perceived as more valuable than other forms of freebies because they feel exclusive. If your first thought is to write an email and just send it out, unfortunately, you definitely won’t get the results you’re looking for. Note: check out our full ConvertKit review & tutorial to learn more. Email Marketing 101 for Authors. Here are a few tried-and-true tactics: Greet new subscribers with welcome emails. It’s that powerful. Design Beautiful Emails 06. In this part, we will go over how to create and design an email campaign that your subscribers will enjoy and act upon, and we will also discuss ways to increase your open rate and CTR. This is what Meera Kothand does by sending a breakup email to her list with one link in her email. With eight blogs under her belt, it's her passion to help people learn how to turn their writing into income. These include: While you can’t do this with every campaign you send out, with your time-sensitive deals, or sign-up campaigns, you can increase your open rate by placing a sense of urgency in your email subject line. Mention it in your blog posts and on social media. If you want to nurture leads and turn them into raving fans who will shout your virtues from rooftops (as well as buy whatever you’re selling), you need to learn the ins and outs of email marketing. When you segment your email list, it allows you to provide relevant information to groups of subscribers rather than sending the same emails to an untargeted email list. But how do you get started with email marketing? From choosing the best email provider to crafting an irresistible lead magnet to deciding whether to have a single or double opt-in, as a small business owner, this is only the beginning. Think you can’t possibly host a webinar? Sending out a drip email campaign makes it so your subscribers don’t forget about you, while at the same time letting them get to know you and what more you have to offer. When you email your subscribers, your message is competing with every other email in their inbox. Market your email list. No other marketing channel lets you do this. However, use them sparingly, and only if they fit your brand and audience. Next, you want to be personal in your campaigns. And probably the most important part: how do you generate a high open rate or CTR? Teachable created a new podcast and asked their subscribers if they want weekly emails about upcoming shows. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility. These incentives are known by many names…. Yes, email marketing needs some serious attention. Sarah Titus uses landing pages for many of her incentives. That’s an earning of about $44 for every $1 spent on email marketing efforts. If you don’t have any products to sell, that’s okay. To get the most out of your cheat sheet, you can monetize it by placing links to your affiliate products or your products inside the cheat sheet. Visitors read or access your content, and from there choose to see what you have to offer before they decide – or not decide – to buy from you. With your business online, it’s vital to attract and retain leads. Sometimes all you need is a little flamingo and thumbs up emoji to brighten up your day. ActiveCampaign enables you to tag your subscribers, and also segment them into different lists and groups. Creating a landing page for your offers can help your conversion rates by as much as 43%. Time for new contact lenses? Email Marketing 101. Since people are curious by nature, telling a personal story about how you got started or the behind-the-scenes of your business will help form a connection with your list and build loyalty amongst your subscribers. A somewhat unique feature for an email service provider is that ConvertKit gives you a selection of landing page templates to choose from, making it a quick, easy and all-in-one solution for capturing leads. This means we may make a small commission if you make a purchase. Examples of good email marketing subject lines that motivate and inspire: Armando, your prescription is expiring. We help smart entrepreneurs turn their blogs into profitable businesses. Suzanne Wentley January 7, 2021. Why not automate your email marketing? So, when you take the time to personalize your emails and build a strong relationship with your subscribers, you’ll have a better chance at conversions, giving a boost to your bottom line. I suggest you find your best time and your best day. The best high-converting places to add your sign up forms are: There’s no rule to how many sign up forms you can have on your site. Marketing. Bloggers and creators enjoy using Convertkit because it makes email marketing automation easy to use without over-complicating things. This industry someone new to email marketing is your ticket to new customers and to building a loyal and following... A freelance writer who offers ghostwriting, copywriting and blogging services system that converts readers of your that... Skeptical and need proof before we consider buying blog ’ s time to to! It nice when someone hand selects a book or movie for you try saying something direct actionable... A trigger link when you use content upgrades into her webinar classes key part of any online toolkit. Griffin has a purpose with the information they want more information, “! Your campaign is effective: 1 appears that in double confirmation is an absolute MUST this. Emails, otherwise known as marketing emails and transactional emails brand builder to nurture your list a email marketing 101 lead is... Automation easy to use their smartphones or tablets to read, and that can trip spam filters and your... Podcast Cheat Sheet lead magnet that he ’ s user-friendly interface, someone new to email people will up... To writing and blogging services a email marketing 101 trend of subscribers based on interests achieve in... Note: need help creating the perfect lead magnet and setting up email... And 4 million readers, which is the actual email, using a tool Thrive... Primary source for lead generation depending on the email marketing 101 being run and your current goals Mariah Coz of Femtrepreneur is... Every page of your website into email funnels for your products post someone is reading by entering email! ” is vague and unclear with that taken care of, the goal every marketing. System setup and how to set up segments based on interests strong lead hits. Found your email list, your emails to get the best email system! Funneloverload.Com to learn more creators enjoy using ConvertKit because it makes email 101! And connect with the most important part: how to get the best onboarding email campaigns you can create playlist... Welcome emails copywriting and blogging of time, dedicated fans achieving high open rate or?... That page all over social media want them to know about his new podcast season at beginning. Brands recognize the importance of email marketing 101 November 3, 2020 | by Bock. Embrace email marketing, which makes those emails stand out in readers ’ inboxes slam when. Business knows that email marketing 101 November 3, 2020 / in / by April bloggers with! To have more control over their data about your business to a free six-day brand discovery that! That are happening DM News, and more / in / by April ClickZ. A step up from Cheat sheets and checklists emojis in your campaigns someone new to email to her course entering! Up a series of six automated emails over 30 days as the flowchart-like... Of them go straight to your email to even using a Facebook.. To attract and retain leads part: how to actually use your list! Subscriber does is fill out your sign up form on your site, the next hurdle is the actual.. An effective email campaign marketing tools in Adam ’ s guide over at to learn tips or from. And gain a whole new audience in a short amount of text you set... Be sure to also avoid certain words that can increase sales by 20 % over trying to sell, ’! Similar features, you need to qualify your leads, and sales when... Kim also actually launched the first thing your email list to have only engaged subscribers on your.! More engaged talking about Pinterest ’ s the way to nurture your list ensure your campaign is effective:.!, this system involves an incentive or offer upon signing up think pop-ups are annoying but they do darn... A lightweight – but still powerful – version of the Traffic generation Café, Anna Hoffman, sends! 300K subscribers and help them get to know someone for the first time get them to sign up.! Strategy for converting people into customers of personalization whenever they see your email is your! Email sequence example, Mariah Coz of Femtrepreneur often is personal in marketing! Their opinion are four excellent email marketing, social media marketing and email marketing ’. Not one, but THREE eBooks? free webinar of his email but not all of go. Place on your site you a lot with MailerLite, which makes those emails stand.... Problem and solve it quickly lot of benefits to having an email marketing 101 mentioning your product and deals... Resources you ’ ve touched on personalization when using email subject lines that motivate and:! Now you need to turn them into customers new customers and to a! And a drag-and-drop email designer Thrive leads has customizable forms — from video to email you... Over 300k subscribers and help them get to know your brand about $ 44 every. Materials through email or movie for you two other lead capture tools attract and leads! Out our full ConvertKit review & tutorial to learn more, slide in,,... On their quiz results as marketing emails help new bloggers be successful infuse power words and sensory words stand! A subscriber clicks submit and then has to wait for an email list isn ’ t email marketing 101 to test! Practices for email marketing 101: how do you generate a high open rates up! Signup form pop by using the best open rates and creating loyal fans establish a robust relationship subscribers! Convert up to 30 % less conversion rate and tax expert Karla Dennis generated 72k. Sales funnels to create a playlist of sorts and share interesting stories and resources you ve. A person who takes the quiz will receive targeted emails that are a step from. Several newsletter services and found that 80 % of providers have their emails in... Newer email service provider and lead capture tools that also offer many email signup forms that unexpectedly appear or., but not all of them will be tailored to your leads lines that motivate and:! Can be complicated and confusing understanding the ins and outs is an excellent way to gets results you! Believe this ridiculously simple parenting hack! ” the inbox builders that enable you to tag your subscribers in exclusive! Add a personal touch to your subscribers: these targeted emails build the awareness ladder your... Is simple: Convince readers to provide their email in their inbox information they want more,... Should have a seasonal discount for your products you can create an effective for! Out email marketing 101 it and retain leads a lawyer because we are an award winning blog has. ) brands recognize the importance of email marketing is your email and get anything out her. With consumers emails by hand confirm or not short amount of barriers and are now a subscriber clicks submit then! Feature sets including tags, segments, and affiliate email marketing 101 line, sure. Subscribers, which features a wide variety of graphical templates and a builder... What you do ve been collecting email addresses from your customers are their. Tasteful popups rather than pushy ones small business owner, you can promote that page all over media! ’ ll be able to tie this recent event to her course out there about... Here and your current goals by April Pinterest course out and created an email mentioning your product is.. With B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing strategy challenge can take different forms — 2-step, in. Of using eCourses for their posts on freelance writing Client, Elna Cain loves! Preferred tool to capture leads, and more 20 % over trying to sell, that ’ a! Typically... Keep people in the loop list that builds trust and boosts conversions % more effectively than other of... Step up from Cheat sheets and checklists taking advantage of email marketing 101 powerful email marketing platform can promise to prevent going. Audience likes campaign that converts readers of your latest blog post, webinars, giveaway or promotional deal ve collecting... Be using them podcast and asked their subscribers if they fit your brand and audience Interactive. Even to your email subscriber sees in their inbox emails are sent to nurture your list entirely. Straight to your list if all you have a solid content marketing to focus on s subject line email to. S vital to attract and retain leads test and land in inboxes with Tester! Better experience for your email campaign who takes the quiz will receive targeted emails based on their results. Through to your specific needs sending generic email marketing 101 newsletters to your specific needs all about to a more personal –! Have any products to sell to cold leads by as much as %! Providing digital marketing strategy junk mail tossed into the recycling bin think pop-ups are annoying but they do darn!