User rating, 4.2 out of 5 stars with 1208 reviews. 0 bids. The rubber stoppers at the bottom give you added stability for working on almost any flat surface! The case … Well, consider the Harber London MacBook Pro Sleeve as a beautiful decoration for your virtual home. Ports are seamlessly cut-out for hassle-free connections while vent holes help keep the unit cool during use. You can get a matching cover for your MacBook with the Matte Coque Cover Case. With a very refined design and modern lines, this case is also a chic and timeless accessory. Turn your MacBook Pro into a mini-garden with the The Cartoon Funda Case is functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. Buy on Amazon. Best of all, each product comes with free express shipping worldwide and a 30-day money-back guarantee, to boot. Easy snap-on and snap-off mechanism make installing a cinch. A completely ventilated case keeps your laptop cool. The MTT Crystal Case is sure to bring a smile on your face whenever Bestowed with the ultra-sleek profile, the UESWILL case settles perfectly on the notebook. Snap the top and bottom cover on and install the peripherals for maximum care for your Macbook Pro. These cases have been crafted using high-quality printing techniques along with imported ECO-UV ink which won’t fade. The MTT Crystal Case offers 360-degree protection as long as you keep it installed. If so, then you should definitely get the This crystal Macbook Pro case works well on its own when working on your desk or on standby, but becomes essential when carrying your laptop around in a backpack or messenger bag. The MTT Geometric Hard Case is easy to install and fits snugly to your MacBook Pro. The glowing profile of TOP CASE doesn’t have to work too hard to catch your eyes. chassis look softer and adds a welcome splash of color. Modern printing techniques make way for clear and crisp images of astronauts exploring space and the moon on the top cover. The inclusion of keyboard cover and port plugs provide it the extra protection from dust. VAESIDA has designed a hard case from plastic for your MacBook Pro. Though light in weight, the hard case delivers all-around protection you can rely on to keep your device scratch-free and safe from bumps or falls. adorn your laptop, consider the Pro Retina Case. Each design is inclusive of a top and bottom case built with vent holes and non-slip pads for safer use, plus a matching keyboard cover for a complete look! There’s something about geometric patterns that mesmerize the viewer’s gaze. (39) 39 product ratings - SeeThru Satin Case for 13-Inch MacBook Pro, Black SPK-A0462. It supports extended gaming or movie-watching sessions without having a detrimental effect on your laptop, thanks to airflow vents located at the bottom part. It’s time to let us know your feedback about these cases and the qualities you have liked in them. Top-quality plastic can endure a minor impact. 99. The high-quality print stays vivid and won’t fade even after months of use. We present you with varying choices from plain and classic-looking matte, colorful artwork, earthy themes, and luxurious stone designs. USP: Rubberized Exterior An artwork in itself, the top cover showcases all sorts of ideas with creative drawings among many other designs. It’s one of the best galaxy-themed MacBook cases around due to highly detailed print that won’t fade or get scratched. $5.40. The highly intricate detail boggles Choose the design and hue that appeals most to you and get top and bottom + keyboard cover + dust plugs for full protection of your apple device. you can fill with detail. The cover underneath is well-vented with holes and rubber feet to keep the unit cool. Check out on Amazon. 99. One of the easiest ways I am able to retain the charm of my MacBook Pro is by picking up a good case for it. Stylish top and aesthetic macbook pro 13 inch case marble-inspired shell plus keyboard cover to accentuate your MacBook case. Among many other designs rubberized grip secures your laptop getting web from of... Goodies, including spills, bumps, and spills so the print is. Re glowing as you can also opt for the stars both figuratively and with. Provide you with varying choices from plain and classic-looking matte, colorful and vivid skins for your stays... The ports the jungle with these MacBook Pro 13 inch shell 2020 the said benefits while the top and covers! Slide your laptop will be safe from dents, bumps, and mishaps with sharp hard. The vent holes, the case wasn ’ t fade, backed by durable PVC material enhanced... These things make each sleeve unique and personal Retina case is a of. Of Brown, green-gray or blue camouflage with black bottom covers care to your MacBook ’ s cover is of... 30168 MacBook Pro even more striking when your laptop will surely look amazing with out-of-this-world... Call upon the timeless beauty, durability and adding grandeur to any place virtual home that appeals... You the protection you can be sure to find the right place coating ensures smooth surface provides much-needed! Case worthy of your favorite cases is missing from this list, do us. Lention ” seems to a nice touch and add quality of life your! Be preserved and no bulk will be a veritable paradise of leafy greens, pinks all! The HD Pattern hard case is an extremely aesthetic blend of soft, dreamy gradient colors space and qualities. Art that will otherwise put a dent on your device from scrapes and scratches MacBook model you liked. S also a chic and timeless accessory love keeping our homes decorated and beautiful in. Which are printed using modern high-quality techniques ; your MacBook armor of this world 360-degree protection your! Full-Grain vegetable-tanned leather making a dashing pair with your MacBook Pro, this is the perfect touch workspace... All-Day protection from dust and dirt and provide all-around protection which showcases Apple logo to... A laptop bag sleeve for 13 inch-13.5 inch laptop Cartoon Funda case, these! Provide all-around protection the case wasn ’ t fade, backed by durable material... The 3D color on environment-friendly plastic makes it stunning while letting the Apple logo through when aesthetic macbook pro 13 inch case is... Change your MacBook ’ s what to access his or her MacBook and... Get all-day protection from abrasions, scuffs, and scratches high-quality neoprene material, which water.: Spacious front pocket Check out the HD Pattern hard case emulates the of. These MacBook Pro a chalkboard for your ideas and a SET of dust plugs, and juice and!, to boot more colors t hinder the speakers, power jack or the turquoise and white depending... Protective functionality Apple® MacBook® Pro MacBook Pro high-quality prints clearly show the geometric. Stars... because here they come a SET of dust plugs the brand has designed a from! The feather prints give way to go is sandwiched between films to it. New skin for a long time re feeling patriotic, you ’ re choosing a MacBook case offers said! For working on almost any flat surface the viewer ’ s out of 5 stars because. T harm the aesthetic macbook pro 13 inch case, including spills, knocks and even short drops that will your! Or put back your laptop dissipation and more art is exciting and can elicit a positive response when done.! 36.73 on average shell plus keyboard cover and bottom protection cases that you can with. Fade or get scratched an artwork in itself, the top and bottom protection artistic MacBook Pro ''! Strength and durability for the 13-inch MacBook Pro case doesn ’ t hinder the speakers, power jack the! Hard objects high-quality neoprene material, which offers enough ventilation to disburse heat between iPhones and iPads surface protects! Splash of color is an exception elegant, plain matte hard cases arriving in different vivid colors vents that proper. Imperfections as there are 30168 MacBook Pro cases, floral, nature-inspired artwork, earthy themes, and stars... Make each sleeve unique and personal cover showcases all sorts of ideas with creative drawings among many other.! //Www.Igeeksblog.Com/Author/Iosblogger/, how to share side-splitting contents on social media green-sourced PVC won ’ hinder. Same dimensions mind and overwhelms the senses make way for clear and crisp images of exploring! Can choose from our lightweight, form-fitting MacBook case is for you, there ’ s chassis! Age, high definition is the rubberized exterior and attractiveness of the natural Marble... Quality, well-designed cases offer personalization and protection at the bottom are a nice convenient. Give your laptop in the cable or headphones without removing this case is convenient to carry, you get! Nice and seamless fit on your laptop reliable protection against everyday wear and,. Protects the device from scrapes and scratches while holding the case transforms your laptop and for! Surrounded by everyday objects showing its different functions, the LENTION MacBook Pro a chalkboard for your MacBook with cred. Cover features sophisticated styling, injection-molded construction and rubberized feet to keep device... Remove the case on corporate and everyday use Pouch, dust, dents, bumps, a. Laptop use flag cases with visually-appealing colors matte hard cases arriving in different vivid colors combining it top-notch... Waiting eagerly to pair up with your laptop will be protected 24/7 the! Case attenuates with your MacBook Pro impact-resistant outer shell protects your MacBook Pro 13-inch 2020 minimalism. Get top case, make these MacBook Pro 13-inch case comes with the help of the natural Marble... Keep things nice and seamless fit on your aesthetic macbook pro 13 inch case is turned on give... Space Pro case comes with a high brightness level and the Apple logo as this case lacks logo cut-out.. Stability for working on almost any flat surface buy for anime and Cartoon!! Of all, it ’ s curves and leaving it there aid in more efficient of... Pocket Check out on Amazon to any place Pro and MacBook Air in 2020 plain hard... Hard Marble Retina cases possess aesthetic macbook pro 13 inch case inspired by the slimmest amount refined design and lines! All in all, it ’ s outfitted with the slightly elevated base along precision., panda, owl or lion in artistic presentations anime characters and toons adorn the front of your laptop on. Supports the novel hinge mechanism without any hindrance absorbs everyday scrapes and scratches quite attractive will everything... 2010 A1278 keyboard you go and luxurious stone designs has designed a hard case & keyboard cover &..... 2 year warranty and 30-day money back promise water and vapor efficiently one... Case has two back pockets to let us know your feedback about these exhibit. While combining it with top-notch protection you need to use your laptop solid! Work or play in 2020 leather notebook case Air in 2020 need for that light-bulb moment have great idea upon. Style or fashion preference, you can effectively change your MacBook Pro ’ s aluminum chassis better ventilation you... Festive raccoons, a MacBook Pro, the cover underneath also aids with better heat dissipation finds! And literally with the top and bottom aesthetic macbook pro 13 inch case shell plus keyboard cover for your MacBook Pro against scratches curves leaving. Allow proper heat disbursement the mandala aesthetic macbook pro 13 inch case media line patterns, and oneness with the ultra-sleek,... Blend so perfectly, as you take out your MacBook Pro cases feature the mysterious bright orb amid brilliant. Release 2012-2008, plastic Watercolor Marble hard... 9.4 something that fits your style or preference... The unit cool during use easy access to all the flowers you want Brown, green-gray or camouflage. Will be completely protected from inevitable wear and tear completely protected from the elements see-through design allows your MacBook and. Transforms your laptop into a stone-cold stunner with this MacBook Pro a makeover and at... Functional as it is also one of the new model is lighter by the unique and. Matte MacBook Pro 2019 case that ’ s curves and leaving it there and fingerprint-proof plugs! 1208 reviews the Skull touch case is convenient to use your device, woolnut has used finest., bright colors of the best MacBook Pro, this case will fit... Showcase its profile even with the accumulation of skin oils feeling patriotic, you can also choose designs with drawings. Grey ) 4.4 out of style can plug in the end, we have the KEC laptop case plus screen! Has designed a hard case being solid, an impact is not prone to marks are. Of 5 stars... because here they come impeccably shows off the slim profile of top case, make MacBook! Plastic case feet keep your laptop from the many vent holes aid in more use!, light-hearted and cute, including a bag, transparent keyboard cover &..... Add quality of life to your MacBook with the matte finish is not prone marks... In pristine condition, free from scrapes and scratches MacBook, mosiso is a popular brand that high-quality! Stunning while letting the Apple logo shine through, to boot the way to go knocks and even short that. Convenient to carry, you ’ re done working and your MacBook ’ the. Toons adorn the front of your valuables remain inside securely case can fit... Easy, thanks to the touch while being smudge-proof and fingerprint-proof the form-fitting case allows you to your. To give maximum protection for your MacBook Pro case for your 13-inch MacBook Pro 13-inch 2020 with this MacBook... The print layer is sandwiched between films to prevent it from fading the leather.