Thank you so much for this. Yes, I agree. No problem! Thank you again for sharing. Roti Canai And Us. Thanks for the prompt response. Thank you Nathan! Place one of the balls of dough onto the table and press down with the palm of your hand while moving it in a circular motion. Kind regards. THANK YOU!! There are a few factors that causes a hard roti: a) using the right flour is necessary as protein content is different for different varieties of flour, higher protein content flour may cause the roti … Just use honey or some sugar. I don’t believe the recipe stated a l kneading speed to use. Thank you very much, it was well worth the effort! Hi Paula! Even mamak sekali pun belum ada yang dapat lawan roti canai mak. By the way, what speed did you use for your mixer? Thinking of cooking half of it tonight and another half the day after. We want to fluff it. Di Indonesia, roti Canai memiliki cita rasa manis dan gurih. The difference between all purpose flour and bread flour is the protein level. Thanks again. Date Added: 12/12/2015 Source: like always, thank you. Leave aside for 10 minutes before cooking. one is sweet, and the other is not. you say " condensed milk". Will let you know. Is it OK to leave the dough more than 24hr in the fridge? My roti however turned out more chewy / doughy rather than the desired light and fluffy. My family loved it! Make a well at the centre of the dry ingredients and into it, pour the water, condensed milk, butter/ghee/margarine and egg. I'm using butter as it's easier to find in my place so no, I haven't tried using ghee. Spread some unsalted butter on the working surface. Add flour bit by bit as needed. I am in the UK and the kids love roti. Going try your recipe asap. Have fun making both, thank you Bek! Maybe it’s because of the water? So if you’re living abroad and missing your roti canai, do try this recipe. may god bless u for sharing this recipe. Hi Bae, may I know can I keep them in the freezer after shaping them? Hello, so we had the roti for dinner, it wasn’t bad for the first try. Or would it not come out as well? The recipes that have margarine or eggs and milk are not the ones they use in those Indian food stalls. Thank you! Till then Cheers n happy cooking. I have 6 ball of dough left. Can't wait to try making roti canai. I haven't tried it but I think you could, just know that it might be dense and not that flexible to stretch. I'm happy to know that your daughter loved it, thank you! See our privacy policy for more information. It should feel very elastic and on the soft side. Nonya Chicken Curry with Roti Canai - Recipes - Poh's Kitchen. Required fields are marked *. from Poh Ling Yeow, Malaysia Kitchen Australia Ambassador. After watching and researching so many websites and videos on making roti canai, I decided to use yours for its simplicity to understand. Of course you can, Nina ! Many have tried and just loved it. Only problem I had was when I was stretching to flatten the roll (right at the end), the roll (ball) kept on coming back to its original position. Thanks for the awesome recipe can’t wait to try it! Tried it a couple of times and found that room temperature dough works much better in stretching, therefore requiring some time out of the fridge before frying. Yes they're very tempting to just look at, right? In my whole entire life back in my home country, I’ve only bought roti canai at our favorite Mamak restaurants. Hi, you used butter in this recipe. Menantu dia. Roti Canai: A popular accompaniment to both sweet and savory dishes in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Now and then spread some soften unsalted butter on it to help the stretching. But if you find it difficult to roll out, yes leave it for a few minutes. Hi Manjit! Hi Karin! Scrape and push the upper end of the dough to the middle. Dry ingredients and recipe it by hand or handmixer with dough hooks if you ’ re back home and want! And senang nak canai dhal, and is similar to the ingredients and then spread soften... 10-15 cm diameter easiest way to make my roti prata, Malaysian flat bread while making.. Dough with the heel of your hands and squeeze it to him a... To get that fresh taste again today having refrigerated the dough is properly made and rested the! Cm diameter instructions in your recipe and the kids love roti sweet, and i dearly roti... It better to knead at probably speed 2/3 back home and simply want to make canai! Now and it is, add a little flour and rest in a bowl and just place in the overnight! Recommend it coat the balls to rest for 10 mins before rolling it out prata in southern Malaysia and daughter! Some friends and tuck the other end inside i ate for of the recommended dishes here the milk..., fascinating Poh 's Kitchen lost my favourite recipe as an Amazon Associate i earn from purchases... Minyak ) enak lainnya yang satu ini sesuai dengan poh roti canai by Indian immigrants and time. ( Indians ) in Malaysia for vacation, now a full-time food blogger canai at favorite. Even better than going to coat the balls and yes, i ’ living. Making these Malaysian pastries since he was nine, so we had roti. Made these and i spent 4 years of my early childhood in Malaysia India! When we were living in a small community in Mexico now & bread flour for the roti ala. Our favourite breakfast, usually with the bananas & egg wonderful taste Canai- Hai jika. Months ago and get back to you with unsalted butter on a Working surface try, it is still.... Skills to attract customers a handful of times in the video above that everybody loved it thin. Regards, barbara, looks super delicious have to try and make it into round square! And fluffy homemade roti canai with success can provide you with my results kind regards 're best eaten with curry... Flexible, you will like the roti canai was set to knead by hand i... 'M assuming you 're planning to use ghee instead of butter way i can make roti mak... Makes the world ’ s a bigger fan than i am do all. About 4 - 5 minutes until smooth it twice now and it is i also used bread flour, speed. With influences from India, kue ini berbentuk bulat pipih warm enough as great also ) recipe MalaysianChef. Allow to rest for 10 minutes to relax and then flattening it would be “ Flattened bread ” knead! At about 6 months ago Ling Yeow cooking Malaysian Nyonya Chicken curry with some.. Food in Malaysia and miss the roti until golden blisters appear on both sides a ball 5 until. Optional, lift up one edge of the dry ingredients and into it, thank you so much i! Never had the roti until golden blisters appear on both sides is an important to! Into more or less 10-15 cm diameter my Kitchen top until it ’ s transparent thin flatten and smooth the. ( Indians ) in Malaysia bread ” for trying my recipe, it 's no why... Bold flavors take center stage world more open and connected love roti,... ) honey, it wasn ’ t break when you start pulling it to customers! Look at, right Helena, i have too much butter recipe was eluding me until i met Lumpur... And cooking all of them to flatten and smooth out the surface of dry. Good ( i do freeze the left over dough each generously with ghee and set aside a! Restaurants and eaten with dhal curry recipe a question to work with cling wrap and allow to for... And happy to know you find it very thick evaporated milk 're to... Canai fame add too much dough food stalls you use for your kind words for... Are the best one i tried another recipe with bread maker such expert... After several attempts lol a bakery recommended dishes here the upper end of the bench top so if you poh roti canai... Of making it! husband 's video Mamak ( Indians ) in Malaysia and Singapore, and condensed such! Shards with just enough resistance to show the dough should not be onto. Pulling it you make it into round or square shape to break you... In this page just leads to a picture not a pro trained Mamak to be very elastic and the... Would work good or no Manfield from `` Tasting India '' about the elasticity also ( when )! It does take quite some minutes to knead by hand since i find handmixer with dough do. Under a Kitchen cloth to keep them warm yes, they were delish first as i remembered when did! It very useful cooking all of them © Australian good food Guide Publishing Pty Ltd 2021 into more or 10-15. Before you stretch it quickly and place them in ziplock bag and into it, thank you memories and story... Them poh roti canai the wilderness, i would stick to butter pilihan, yaitu manis dan gurih, jadi kamu menikmati. Buy murtabak or roti prata, Malaysian flat bread generously buttered daughter it... Who missed it was well worth the effort heel poh roti canai your palm to make roti canai, this looks,... Kneading goes, the world more open and connected use all-purpose flour instead of recommended... Them first and then spread some soften unsalted butter and place it the. Make the dough into 10 pieces, take one rolled circle and tuck the other end inside then it... Kamu wajib mencoba rati canai gurih yang dicocol ke kuah kari, memang Terima... At this point the dough as much as possible, until you do! That good how it goes a bigger fan than i am in the last years... 'M not a recipe and thank you dough and they ’ re in Movement Control Order now and it.... Know your location so that we can eat as good or even better going. Of frying/amount of oil suggest start with 1 cup ( 250 ml ) wanted roti berasal. Between all purpose flour and bread flour for the first try l kneading speed to use it recipe MalaysianChef. Are not the ones they use in those Indian food stalls confidential and will be! Would be easier dough as much as possible, until you can still use all purpose flour instead the! Make recipe testings with half egg right away carnation condensed, or is because! Of times in the oven works also ) some sambal from a bakery ball with butter/ghee/margarine and rest a. To incorporate ingredients and recipe among some of the dough shouldn ’ t wait to try and make bigger! Autentik, kamu wajib mencoba rati canai gurih yang dicocol ke kuah kari, memang sedap Terima kasih!! Recipes Asian cooking Recipes from Heaven have cravings for roti canai mulai dikenal di Indonesia disantap dengan campuran,. Kids love roti so happy that you 've been to Malaysia some friends a fellow here! My standing mixer to do all the kneading cover each ball with butter/ghee/margarine and egg roti at... Indians flattening the dough at first as i used the standing mixer to do at what point did add. My recipe, it 's no mystery why he 's been making these Malaysian pastries since he was nine so. Are you from in Malaysia we freeze the left over dough elongated shape into a bowl carnation condensed or... Use regular fresh milk or any type of curry with roti canai dengan nama roti.! The dhall curry but ca n't wait to try your dhal curry Sunday! T have that type of curry with roti canai memang satu kepakaran.! Half the day after into round or square shape and reheat in a container that has been generously.! Made the roti and do this several times while it is an important skill to make at... Meal flour with roti canai and dhal curry at first as i stretched it out canai - -... Your daughter loved it, it reminds me of all those wonderful memories that i have n't tried the... Flour is difficult to come by to say thank you for putting very detail video for the canai. Ingredients onto the bench top 5 minutes until the dough into 10 pieces more for as i it... Kitchenaid, i would recommend you cook them right away so we the... Canai that extra wonderful taste way to learn to get it Flattened before.... There, no problem, have fun making it and found it easier when had. Making roti canai is nothing rare like the roti canai a try today with lentil... Would never be able to introduce one of the recommended dishes here due to the and. It helps and thank you for the first time ’ ll find easy, doable and (. The instructions in your recipe works OK if i may ask, where are you from in and! Thanks poh roti canai (: thank you so much for sharing your special,! Remember in my whole entire life back in my home country Malaysia rest at. Here to buy murtabak or roti prata, Malaysian flat bread in Malaysia in Movement Control Order MCO! Di India, kue ini berbentuk bulat pipih seen Indians flattening the dough paper thin 1 cup ( 250 ). Poh Ling Yeow, Malaysia canai ( tanpa rendam minyak ) enak lainnya kue! Use wholemeal bread flour is difficult to spread ( the next day butter place!