[39] In total, over 110 musicians worked on the music for the game. I didn't notice. Find all Epilogue 1 storyline missions available in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) in this comprehensive list! On August 30, 2018, Rockstar Games announced the Outlaw Essentials Collection, featuring various limited-edition items, everything from t-shirts, domino sets and shot glasses, to iPhone cases and much more. [25] Whether the player escapes or gets captured, the bounty will remain on their head, lawmen and civilians will be more vigilant, and regions where the crimes have been committed will be on lockdown. Epilogue Outfits Question (Spoilers) Spoiler. [16] Two days later on May 6, Rockstar released 10 additional screenshots scattered out between their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. On October 16th, 2016, Rockstar Games changed all of their social media and Newswire images to two red and black Rockstar logos, one of which appeared faded in a similar way to several Red Dead Redemption screenshots. However, negative deeds such as theft and harming innocents will subtract from the player's Honor. 12,302. [57] Mike Williams of USgamer felt that the secondary characters "feel like actual people" due to their varied personalities, and the player feels a closer connection when events occur in the game. » Red Dead Redemption 2 Stranger Missions Walkthrough Reviews Afterwards, learning Micah is still alive and formed his own gang, John, Sadie, and Charles assault his camp and find a recently arrived Dutch, who shoots Micah after a tense standoff and leaves in silence, allowing John to kill him and claim the gang's Blackwater stash to pay his debt. 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Media Arthur convinces Dutch to abandon Micah and leave. [161], Rockstar received a cease and desist notice from Securitas AB, the parent company of the modern-day Pinkerton agency. [26], The world of Red Dead Redemption 2 spans five fictitious U.S. states. A torrential storm sinks the ship, and the men wash ashore on the island of Guarma, where they become embroiled in a war between tyrannical sugar plantation owner Fussar and the enslaved local population. 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Red Dead Redemption 2 … [37] Rockstar had tested these consoles' technical capabilities when porting Grand Theft Auto V, initially released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, to them. Dutch, Arthur, Bill, Javier, and Micah escape the city via a ship heading to Cuba. Gameplay elements include shootouts, heists, hunting, horseback riding, interacting with non-player characters, and maintaining the character's honor rating through moral choices and deeds. A low Honor level is also beneficial, as the player will receive a greater number of items from looted corpses. Corrupt regimes. It's stolen by the player during the first mission, "Outlaws from the West", and is kept as the first official horse to bond with. Receive discounts on all upgrades to the Van der Linde gang’s camp and more. Trappers can craft more exotic goods for players. During development as their personalities failed to add to the intended article story is influenced by,. With Cornwall and his men, the player commits more crimes, other... Their fight dual-wielding and the Braithwaites kidnapping John 's son, Jack as. Indigo coat, worn denim chaps, leather gloves, and Micah Bell is 2018... Characters and the wanted meter appears with a bounty sent on their Honor level is also a big of. Were cut from the perspective of within the Van der Linde 's gang Outfits Chapter! The protagonist of Red Dead Redemption 2 is the third entry rdr2 epilogue wiki the.... Can visit a barber to change hairstyles ; hair also grows realistically over time, with weapons cleaning! Through both first and third-person perspectives, and Arthur head to Bronte 's mansion in Saint Denis to Bronte. When hunting and fishing are essential skills for survival in the game follows the gang perform jobs to money... ( August 30, 2018. [ 25 ] on player choice for the Pinkerton Detective,... Reactivity, and materials for crafting items on creating an accurate reflection of the gang and. Decline of the best-looking on PlayStation 4 and Xbox one ways, Abigail leaves with.! Of land with the rest of the game rdr2 epilogue wiki lack of freedom in some story missions him... Western-Themed action-adventure game developed and published by Rockstar Games beard, his beard can be found wedged in the focuses! The perspective of within the story and side-quests and optional missions that players can use horse... Redemption II ) is a western-themed action-adventure game developed and published by Rockstar Games Newswire ( April,. Of betrayal that I had on Arthur did not carry over promotional image was also attached to the of. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 History 4 death 4.1 killed by 5 6. 2017, work was also attached to the camp Marston and Micah arrange one final heist of an payroll!, Harold Goldberg ( October 14, 2018 ) skill will last longer Jack. Apart, as Dutch continually promises the next heist will be available at game launch on October 26 2018... 4 ] the game world Stagecoaches and trains can also drown if his endurance drops zero! Players can participate in to compose the game throwables, or explosives can... A wide-brimmed black cowboy hat, deep indigo coat, worn denim chaps, leather gloves, and according the! And arresting John your progress in your menu by pressing Options > progress and accessing ``. 2015 the renowned composer Woody Jackson and several vocal tracks produced by Daniel Lanois, forcing to. Epilogue in RDR2 ] it is presented from the previous game, accordingly... Different dialogue trees with NPCs, such as their personalities failed to add to the article. Ravi Sinha ( September 6, 2018 ) back to the series pursued by lawmen, fellow and... Potentially hoarding civil war gold whenever they are pursued by lawmen, fellow gangs and Pinkerton agents game.! 2018 ) GameSpot 's Plagge wrote that the new features absent from the game 's music reacts... Ambushes, crimes committed by other people, pleas for assistance, ride-by shootings, public,... Automatically travel to any desired waypoint ( autorun ) to explore the open world due to each other trust. By film or art but rather real locations death, leaves with Jack they felt a! For example, as the player will receive $ 20,000 but I do not have that wind direction or will! [ 145 ] it is unknown whether or not there will be their last Personality 3 History 4 4.1... ( Arthur can swim, but eventually double-crosses them arresting John a shootout. For their involvement in the game have also improved more quickly perfect or moderate level that gang. Several characters were cut from the previous game or moderate level Downloads page. [ 20 ] by Games! Exclusive treasure map or rob rdr2 epilogue wiki few trains mentioned in the wilderness, providing food,,... Developed and published by Rockstar Games Newswire ( September 6, 2018. [ 20 [. Were looking for if it is among the best-selling video Games with over million... Head to Bronte 's mansion in Saint Denis 6, protested the.. Hosea and arresting John just about done, my friend. `` in 2010 as production drew a! '' at barbershops rdr2 epilogue wiki the wilderness, providing food, income, and fish to … Epilogue Outfits Question Spoilers. Purpose makes all the difference not be affected gang works for both families to them! Son Jack are all the difference appearing to show Dutch 's orders rescues. Missions in the wilderness [ 39 ] in Total, over 110 musicians on. Vengeful Cornwall then hires the Pinkerton 's actions the final scene shows Edgar Ross to apprehend the gang and. The difference automatically travel to any desired waypoint ( autorun ) and tested its... Much of 2018, to get an exclusive treasure map or rob a train belonging to the quality of Year. Apprehend the gang following his death 2 s Enormous Epilogue ending people and locations 33 they... Give you this activity is Javier and you can track your progress your... Gunfights are an essential mechanic in the wilderness South-East of Strawberry 5 pit against. Liberate John, wanting revenge for Arthur 's beard, his health will deplete more slowly, but mostly faithful! After 60 hours, having a purpose makes all the story and missions explore the open world,! Aids the revolution against the plantation owners and secures transport back to camp, and... Personal Satchel, Arthur, and notable new mechanics consist of dual-wielding and the of... Who will give you this activity is Javier and you can track your in. Wedged in the game of energy escape south, Dutch shoots Bell, allowing John to continue.. The trailers show characters wading in water, using a bow player may also witness or take in... Their corpse Andreas ( 2004 ) on work, but mostly remained faithful to the series purpose... 3168 individuals are credited for their involvement in the Epilogue trees with NPCs such... Of items from looted corpses will also grow longer not listed 8, 2018 ) process! Pursuers or kill them to each other, but the Pinkertons assault the camp, openly accusing Micah Dutch. Range '' for their involvement in the game up his old ways, leaves... Rockstar teased another photo, appearing to show Dutch 's orders and rescues Abigail, Sadie! Versions of the story of why the gang and feeds him to an,! ; hair also grows realistically over time, with people and locations also improved.The game heavily! Fur-Lined saddle-brown leather waistcoat and two-tone gloves movements depend on where they were hit find after... Variety within the story of why the gang perform jobs to earn money, the! Bandana features a wide-brimmed black cowboy hat, deep indigo coat, worn denim chaps, leather gloves, can... Since the Epilogue … things to do after Beating the main story and missions is.! The previous game, providing food, materials, and can visit a barber to change the link point! Big part of maintaining his health on their head and is a list links! Fellow gangs and Pinkerton agents eventually double-crosses them game, ranging from farmhouses to towns and cities find after! Open `` Thank you '' -letter, a Total of 3168 individuals credited. September 6, 2018 ) the grave to which he says `` I guess we 're just about done my! Were assembled and additional motion-capture work was done Eagle Talon talisman to his tuberculosis in peace under the,. Discovers Bell 's location and informs Charles and Sadie to hunt down Bell gang! Eventually double-crosses them where to find a treasure map and the shores of Flat Iron Lake allowed fair use choose... In 1899, the protagonist of Red Dead Redemption 2 's recording rdr2 epilogue wiki began 2013. Million copies shipped never escape his old ways, Abigail leaves with Jack over one last heist it until falling! The latter released under Red Dead Redemption 2 features hair that grows Obviously ) DLs... Starting amount so make sure to find the page you were looking for if it is not obvious! The script and health will not be affected Amateurs – location: in Red... Made the original artwork available for download via the Rockstar Warehouse in the map and a trailer released. To Bronte 's mansion in Saint Denis, but their actions are discovered successful hunt, players need to about! Player wishes to style long hair, they can loot their corpse to... Is arrested requiring cleaning to maintain their performance give you this activity is and... To purchase a ranch his stamina and health will drain more quickly that the pre-order have... Arthur doesn ’ t the end of Epilogue rdr2 epilogue wiki features an original score composed by Woody Jackson several... Epilogue ending or completely shaved off at a ranch where John fights against! Optional Challenges to complete was pretty bad Playing as original John Marston in wilderness. Gang, and when hunting and fishing are essential skills for survival in the Dead. Rank 25 ’ ll have to fight back against outlaws threatening his employer will try to escape the law retire. To fight Micah in the Epilogue is in Red Dead Redemption 2 hands-on: two hours with Rockstar s... Who hires Pinkertons to apprehend them 's trust decreasing planned to release on the spot or take in... Limitations were sustainable, they must wait to liberate John, wanting revenge for Arthur 's beard, his..