[23] This is usually defined as the garden around or adjacent to the house that is intensively managed for the enjoyment of residents. Scottish Outdoor Access Code. [23][22], Access rights extend to inland water such as rivers, lochs, canals and reservoirs in order to allow swimming and other non-motorised watersports. Stay safe: don't light bonfires and take care when lighting barbeques as these can easily get out of control. The Scottish Outdoor Access Code is all about your rights and responsibilities when you're making the most of Scotland's great outdoors. Access rights come with responsibilities and the Scottish Outdoor Access Code explains how access rights should be exercised in a responsible manner. Scottish Outdoor Access Code for walkers Everyone has the right to be on most land and inland waters in Scotland for recreation, education and for going from place to place although some specific areas are excluded such as residential gardens, farm yards, airfields and … Make sure you're not putting additional pressure on an area that may have a particularly vulnerable community or still be learning to operate post-lockdown. [6] Until the mid-nineteenth century the ability to access land was little challenged, however this began to change with the rise of deer stalking as a commercial enterprise, and the increase in the number of people visiting the highlands following the coming of the railways. Access rights do not extend to the land surrounding a house or other dwelling (e.g. Also offering a Countryside Ranger Service & a Business Venture. Big open spaces, the smell of fresh-cut grass and leafy green trees, and the sun on your face. Mountain biking trails - Most formal mountain biking trails are now open. Scottish Outdoor Access Code Enjoy Scotland’s outdoors responsibly Everyone has the right to be on most land and inland water for recreation, education and for going from place to place providing they act responsibly. It's based on three key things: Respecting the interests of others; Caring for the … © 2021 VisitScotland. the Scottish Outdoor Access Code (the Code). [18], Wild camping, defined as lightweight camping by small numbers of people staying no more than two or three nights in any one place, is permitted under the code. The Scottish Outdoor Access Code differs significantly from The Country Code in that it promotes access rights that include crossing over land and non-motorised recreational activities like walking, cycling, angling and horse riding, and will normally apply in all rural settings. The Scottish Outdoor Access Code sets out where access rights apply and what can be done within access rights. Plan your visit: make sure you plan ahead your trip. Part 1 of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 gives everyone statutory access rights to most land and inland water. Our beautiful landscapes and historic monuments bring a lot of joy to those lucky enough to see them in person - make sure that continues to happen by never causing damage - intentional or accidental. Scottish Outdoor Access Code. Mainland Scotland (including Skye) is now under a temporary lockdown, and all island communities are under level 3 restrictions. The Code also provides guidance for camping, cycling, mountain biking, horse riding and various water sports. Public car parks - Almost all car parks have reopened, with normal charges applied from 20 July 2020. Access rights in Scotland apply to most land and inland water. [20] The byelaws were opposed by groups such as Mountaineering Scotland and Ramblers Scotland, who argued that they would criminalise camping even where it was carried out responsibly, and that the national park authority already had sufficient powers to address irresponsible behaviour using existing laws.